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Take advantage of practical tips in the field of electric gates. They are easy to read, follow, and help persons make the right decision or take the right action when the need arises. As you keep expanding your knowledge, greater peace of mind is achieved in regard to your gate.

Gates are great when they work right, provide security and move safely. Wouldn't it be helpful to you if you had some good maintenance tips? All you have to do is scroll down and check out these wonderful ideas and suggestions for how to care for your gate

Lubricate the gate regularly

Since most gate parts are made of steel and are exposed to the elements at all times, it's best to lubricate them often to avoid noise and help them last longer. Lubricants protect them from getting scratched and seriously damaged. Our specialists say that the hinges, chain, bearings and pins must be lubricated at least annually.

Make sure the post foundation is strong

If you need to have your swing gate posts repaired often and wonder why, it's probably due to the poor reinforcement of their foundations. Posts must be stable since the gate is fastened on them. Make sure their foundation is reinforced with concrete and are leveled so that the gate will be balanced and you won't have swing gate adjustment problems.

Don't allow the equipment to get dirty for long periods of time

Dirt can build up on openers over time. The motor, battery and all tracks can all suffer a variety of damage if they are left to collect masses of dirt for years or even months. It is best to clean and check the equipment regularly to ensure it maintains its condition throughout the seasons.

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