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About Us

About Us

Our company is known for delivering timely and dependable gate repair services in California. We can handle everything from simple to more complicated issues. Our team provides the help that you need efficiently.

Address: S Bradford Ave
Placentia, California
Zip code: 92870
Phone: 714-517-1640

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We offer residential gate installation, repair, troubleshooting, and maintenance services. Our technicians are trained to make adjustments, offer welding services and can be there for you fast when it comes to emergencies.

Gate Repair Placentia” is a trusted company offering professional gate services home and business owners alike. Your protection is our number one priority. That is why we always respond fast when you call, and never leave before making sure your gate is fully functional and safe to use.

The entry and exit points of your property are definitely your most vulnerable areas. If you neglect to secure them, you are putting your own security at risk. To increase your protection, you need an effective and secure looking gate, one that would help in deterring burglars as most of them are looking for easy, low-risk jobs.

Security aspects aside, remember that gates serve an important task in providing convenient access to authorized people. To do this, you need powerful and effective automation system that will get you in without fuss. This is also where the need for effective gate maintenance comes in – and we as well.

Offering Professional Gate Repair and Installation Services

We have the manpower, the equipment, and the skills required to help you achieve balance between access and security. Our specialty in gate installation, maintenance, and repair will surely keep all your needs covered, whether it is about roll up gates, sliding gates or overhead gates, you can always count on us.

Gate Repair Placentia presents various advantages for homeowners and business owners alike who wish to enjoy optimum security and access control. We are quick and effective in fixing driveway gates and any of its parts, including hinges, chains, openers, tracks, and rollers. Our gate experts can also offer rapid response in matters concerning gate automation.

If you have an electric gate that doesn't close all the way, call us and we will apply the necessary solution to put it back in action. If your gate remote decided to quit – let us replace it for you! We are perfectly equipped with the best products out there, regardless of the manufacturer.

Our company understands that comfortable access is not just a matter of luxury but more so a matter of security. If we are able to provide your home or commercial establishment with a fully functional unit that’s packaged with tough security devices, you will be able to enjoy easy access without worrying about potential burglaries and intrusions. With our powerful gate openers and gate intercom systems delivered with a high standard of workmanship, you will have your peace of mind back.

We have built a solid reputation in providing professional gate services in this area over the years. Feel free to browse around our website for more information on our services!

Gate Post Replace

There are two main reasons for swing and sliding gate post replacement. The first one is severe damage that threatens the structural integrity and operation of the entire gate. The second one is the installation of a new gate that has different specifications and does not match the existing component. The replacement process begins with the dismantling of the panels and hardware parts connected to the post. After this, the old post is carefully extracted from the ground and disposed of. The new component is set exactly into the same place in case the old system is preserved. If a new gate is installed, the position of the post is carefully determined before its setup. After the component is set in perfectly straight vertical position its base is additionally secured. This can be done with the use of crushed stones or in the case of a wood post with the attachment of a shorter thick piece of wood.

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