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There is always more to learn on automatic gates and openers, especially when it comes to their safe and effective use. On this page, find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the industry. They are on topics which are of great interest to all.

Can my sagging swing gate be fixed?

Of course! The question is what caused the gate to sag in the first place. Our specialists say that the most common reasons for these issues are related to hinge, welding and post issues. Make sure the swing gate hinges are well welded and take care of the post foundations. Once the problem is fixed, you can also install wheels for better support.

I'm thinking of replacing my gate… should I get a new opener, too?

It's likely that you will need a new residential gate opener, but it will depend primarily on the weight of the new gate. The power of the motor must be sufficient for the new gate's weight otherwise it will only work for a short time and then break down. If the opener is old, this will be a good chance for you to get a more modern (and safer) operator.

Is a solar opener suitable for my gate?

With a solar panel, you can save a good amount of energy and therefore money. However, you may have difficulties opening your gate automatically during the night and on cloudy days too. Given this, solar openers are typically recommended for smaller gates which are not operated frequently. To make a final decision, you will benefit from checking the number of days with sunshine in the local area.

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