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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our testimonial page was created so we can share with you what our customers feel about the gate service that they received from us. Find out about their experience and what makes them satisfied with our company by reading through their feedback and reviews below.

Sliding Gate Safety Sensor Replacement & Emergency Repair

Informed us about pedestrian gates

“We were thinking of replacing our driveway gate because it was really old and caused us a lot of trouble. As the technician at this Placentia gate repair company said, repeated gate repair services would eventually cost more than having it replaced. This company's assistance was amazing. We mostly appreciated that the staff told us about the benefits of having a pedestrian gate. There wasn't one so far in our home and it would be a nice change in our lives. We followed their advice and had them install our new gate. The work was awesome as was their advice.”

Informed us about gate openers

“We were interested in getting a new swing gate operator and could use the advice of a professional. A friend told us about your company and we are more than glad that he did. We were very satisfied by the customer service. The staff informed us about the new openers and told us how to select the best one for our home. We also appreciated the great gate opener installation that was done and the technician's great attention to the details. The service exceeded our expectations. Thank you!!!”

Perfectly Fixed Swing Gate Hinges

"I could not figure out what was wrong with my swing gate, so I decided to get a professional automatic gate repair service. After comparing several companies, I picked this one because of the great offer. I was pleasantly surprised to see the technician arriving right on time. He was friendly and got down to work immediately. He repaired the hinge welding as well as the hinges to ensure proper movement. He applied lubricant as well. I appreciated how quickly he worked. Now the gate works properly and does not make frustrating noises. I liked everything about the service of Gate Repair Placentia. It was very fast and professional, and the end result was even better than expected. I highly recommend their services!"

Answered All of My Questions

I had been looking into installing a phone entry service in my home for a while, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money. I called Gate Repair Placentia to ask questions about the service, and the employee on the phone was so helpful. We talked for twenty minutes and the woman explained everything in detail for me. As a result of this conversation, I hired the gate company to install the service the next week, and I have been happy with it ever since. When you have questions about gate repair, call this company if you want clear, friendly answers right away.


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